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Beautiful Plains Community Foundation

Angus Ford
Barry Hockin
Beautiful Plains Community foundation Board of Directors
Beautiful Plains Museum
Caroline J. Bradley
Cathy Kostenchuk
Don Schmall
Dorothy Smith
Dudley Lee
Elgin Drayson
Elmer Hockin
Eric Pettitt
Gill & Schmall Agencies
Gladys Hannah
Glenn Montgomery
Guinn Bros. Memorials
Ian Burgess
Jack Veale
Janice Goldade
Jo Rogers
John Waters
Ken Rogers
Kevin Harris
Lawrence Hargreaves
Marlene Siatecki
Maureen’s Picture Framing
Mike Pasiechnik
Marquette Regional Health Authority
Neepawa Chiropractic Centre
Nelson Jackson
Norm Siatecki
Ron Goldade
Rosemary Postey
Ruth Scott
Sid Laviolette
Springhill Farms
Terry Lee
The Thomas Sill Foundation
Touchwood Park
Vincent Geordie
On the occasion of Eddie Smith’s retirement
In Memory of Bill Nicholson
In Memory of Bill Jackson
In Memory of Nicholas Postey
In Memory of Jason & Dean Kostenchuk
In Memory of Helen Harris
In Memory of Marjorie Ford – Neepawa Hospital Fund
In Memory of Bert Smith
In Memory of Stanley Levandosky
In Memory of Tina Freier
In Memory of Harvey Nelson
In Memory of Colleen Ruth Hockin
In Memory of Vince Bates
Bill Jackson – Neepawa Hospital Fund
Mary Rogers – Neepawa Hospital Fund
In Memory of Katherine H. Goldade
In Memory of Christina Sloman
In Memory of Helen Harris & Bill Jackson
In Memory of Helen Harris
In Memory of Heber & Freda Hockin