Participant Testimonials

Beautiful Plains Community Foundation

‘Dancing With The Stars 2023’ was an exciting event to participate in. I thoroughly enjoyed working with new people and learning new dance moves. Our coach, Miriam Virtudazo was fantastic. She accommodated our practice times and was always encouraging. It was a great celebratory evening to have everyone come together and demonstrate what we had worked so hard to achieve. Community members commented that they enjoyed the evening.

~ Valerie Parayeski

‘I was part of the Dancing With The Stars last year, 2023. The thing that I enjoyed the most was dancing with my partner Jeff and working with Jacqui and Ross and meeting a lot of new friends, Lisa, and the other dancers. What’s my take away, is to just have fun and be yourself. I know it’s a competition and there’s always going to be winners and losers, but it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun, you’re always a winner.

~MaryAnn Marquez

Hi, My name is Trish Phinney and I am a busy mom of 3 and manager of the Bank of Montreal in Neepawa. I was approached to participate in the Dancing with the Stars in 2023, and decided as much as it scared the heck out of me as I am a dancer with 2 left feet, I thought it would be a great way to face my fears, participate with a great organization like the BPCF and have some fun!

My favourite part of Dancing with the Stars was challenging myself to learn a new skill of 2 very difference ballroom styles. I was paired up with a great partner of Chase, a local accountant and a set of dance coaches. I have never danced before, so it was interesting to learn how to work with a partner and how to get your feet and hands to move and make it look graceful and fun!

The event was so much fun! If you are thinking of doing it all, don’t hold back, and enjoy!

~Trish Phinney