Types of Funds

Beautiful Plains Community Foundation

Community Fund

Your Donation is used to respond to changing needs in the community.

Designated Fund

You specify one or more charitable organizations to receive the annual interest from your donation. A minimum amount of $5,000 must be donated to establish a designated fund.

Field of Interest Fund

You identify the general area of interest where you want the grant from your donation to go. The donation must be $5,000 or more.

Family Fund

This fund gives families the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the community and carriers your family’s name forever. You can name your fund if you make a Community Fund donation of $1,000. Donors can build the fund slowly over a number of donations or with one lump sum.

Decade Club

Join this club and be one of 100 to pledge a donation of $100 a year for ten years to the Community Fund.

Registered charity receipts are issued for all gifts.