What is a Community Foundation?

What is a community foundation?

Community foundations are public charitable organizations, built through generous gifts of all sizes that are pooled and permanently invested. The interest earned from these endowments generates a sustainable source of support for local charitable projects. Each year, local charitable organizations apply to the BPCF for grants. In 2017, we received $ million in gifts and distributed $ million to the community.

Because the principal is never spent, an endowment fund lasts forever.  A gift to an endowment fund, like the BPCF is a powerful choice for supporting your community over the long term. Consider this: if you make a one-time $10,000 gift to a charitable organization, it will be spent on immediate needs. If you make a gift of $10,000 to an endowment at a community foundation (of course, you can make a gift of any size!) its impact will snowball over time. By year 30, the original investment will have grown to $19,200 and a total of $19,400 will have been distributed in grants.