Donor clubs

Beautiful Plains Community Foundation

The following clubs have been established to recognize gifts to the Foundation:

Founder’s Club Members

Patron of the Foundation: $25,000

Foundation Benefactor: $10,000

Heritage Club: $5,000

Community Builder: $2,500

Friend of the Foundation: $1,000

Community Supporters: $500

All donors from 1994-2016.

To mark our tenth year we have encouraged families to set up their own funds. Thirty families have opened up funds in their family name with a donation of $1,000 or more. These contributions added $45,540 to the Foundation’s capital to work for the community forever. Click here to see the list of Tenth Anniversary Family Funds.

The Decade Club exists to encourage donations to the Community Fund. The goal is to have 100 donors pledge $100/ year for 10 years. This only amounts to $8.33/ month or $0.27/day. The Foundation’s Community Fund will be increased by $100,000 at the completion of this project. We encourage you to join the Decade Club. The greater amount contributed to the Community Fund results in more money going back to the community in the form of grants.